Welcome on the one and only website of droneboy.nl! My name is Jorg and I live in Breda (The Netherlands). Here you can find my story, and how I started with drones & videography. I will also use this website as a portfolio to show some examples of the beautiful possibilities a drone offers. Because I also love photo and -videography I will add a specific section on this website to display my work there. 

I have been flying drones since june 2018 and in september 2020 I passed my ROC-light exam which makes me certified to fly drones for business purposes. My favorite drone projects are difficult or complicated; flying around waterfalls, chasing a fast speedboat while lying in that boat, flying indoors or taking off from impossible locations.

Droneboy intro foto


A few (drone) videos I made; put your sound on and enjoy :). More videos are available within the “Drone portfolio” and “Photo and Videography” page .


Some example drone photos I made. More photos are available within the “Drone portfolio page“.


Recently I purchased a very nice stabilizor to make professional smooth videos in high quality. I am really excited to work more with this awesome tool!