About me


When I graduated for the Master of IT Auditing in 2018 I wanted to buy a nice gift for myself to celebrate this achievement. I was looking for a professional DSLR camera but last minute I didn’t trust the online seller (used camera). That day an old classmate put his new drone on Instagram with beautiful pictures and I was immediately sold! I bought a DJI Phantom 4 Pro a few days later and took it everywhere; to work events, friends, vacation, skiing and I noticed the enthusiasm from everybody. One and a half year later I traded in my big Phantom 4 Pro for a much smaller DJI Mavic Pro. My goal was to start a traveling adventure for at least a year in Asia so I wanted a small collapsible drone. I was not happy with the quality this drone produced so I switched to a DJI Mavic AIR 2 and I am very happy with this model. I passed my drone certification (ROC-light) in september 2020 which makes me a professional drone pilot now :).

My passions

I am the type of guy which makes pictures and videos of everything and anything, not a bad habit within this field of work :). Because I am very visual I thought it would be fun to share a lot of photos and make this “about me” really personal. My name is Jorg and I live in Breda, The Netherlands.

So where to start? I have a lot of hobbies and interrests, I am never bored. Fitness and nutrition are a big part of my life for more than 10 years. In the beginning I cooked 2 kgs chicken breasts each sunday and ate a lot of dry tuna with ketchup, but since 5 years no meat or fish for me ever again. When caught in a YouYube rabbit hole a few years back I discovered that coffee is a fresh product which should not be made in huge bulk to be packaged vacuum and opened weeks or maybe months after roasting. So, since this discovery I roast green coffee beans every few weeks and have my own fresh coffee. 

A huge hobby is my motorcycle. Riding gives such a feeling of freedom and I love the looks and sound. My bike has a lot of custom parts and you can hear it comming from a mile away. I combined my passion for motorcycles with photography with this Instagram page

The woods, sea, beeing connected with nature is what I enjoy and makes me feel good. I love animals and my two cats (Ami & Koda) are always on my side when I’m at home. I feel at home in far away countries, I have had the luck traveling to Indonesia, Thailand, India, Egypt, Slovenia, Curaçao and many many more beautiful places in the world.


I have had a pretty extensive educational and -careerpath. I started my IT scholing with “Bedrijfskundige Informatica” at Avans Hogeschool. After four years I went to the University and got my Msc. Information Management at the Tilburg University. A few days before my thesis presentation I started at Deloitte as IT consultant (Auditor). Within a year I took an extra challenge and started with a Master of IT Auditing at TIAS [School for Business and Society]. I graduated in 2018 and was added to the register of certified IT Auditors. During my 6 years at Deloitte I was really eager to learn and managed to get in three important global acknowledged IT Audit/ security certifications: CISA, CISM and CISSP.

My time at Deloitte was great and I met so many cool people, some of them are even my friends now. Unfortunately I was getting les and les happy in this organizational culture and with the value of my job. I had clients which where happy with our reports but most clients looked at an IT Audit as a legal obligation with minimal organizational (IT) benefits. On top of that I was working on a project with senior managers that pushed me in ways that felt unethical for me and my work pleasure decreased further and further. Late 2019 things at work and at home where to much for me and I pulled the brake. I took time for myself and questioned my path. What are my passions? Where do I feel comfortable? What gives me pleasure? What makes me proud? Even during my time at Deloitte I made after movies when we had team events and I initiated and helped making a promotional video for our team. I know that makes me proud, but am I good enough to make a living out of this passion?


I want to be proud of my work, I want my passions to be alligned with my job. My job should match my interests and my core values. I am convinced that working with my drone, videography and editing are skills that I want to explore and they allign with the path I choose. In the near future my girlfriend and I want to go on an adventure and travel for a long period. Plan A was Asia but because of the plandemic we are also looking at Plan B; traveling Europa by camper/ van. Working as an independent drone pilot and video maker fits perfectly within my dream to be flexible and work anywhere. Now you also know why this website is written in English :). 

DJI Drone droneboy
d r o n e b o y n l
Start with why

WHY – I am going to explore my passion for digital imagery to create beautiful content while having a lot of fun. 

HOW – Beeing a risk taker,  working with the right tools and having the perseverance to reach my goals will result in living my WHY.

WHAT – I deliver creative, fun and beautiful (drone) videos and shots